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Court ruled on this Reno

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The Hate Red Hen in Virginia refusee to serve Sarah Sanders, Trump press secretary.  Liberals are all over the Internet high fiving.  What a bunch of hypocritical horse crap.  Seems refusal to serve someone is only reserved for the elites.
How has turning people they will not overburden this nation feed them at the expense of not doing the same for our poor, our elderly, our disadvantaged, and our tired and infirmed.

It costs Medicaid  $4,000 - $10,000 per month per person to care for someone in a nursing home.  Millions of baby boomers will be seeking these benefits in the next 10 years.  How immoral will it be to kick grandpa or grandma into the street.  What will you tell weeping families?  Sorry, we had to take care of those illegal aliens coming into Texas.  Dang people think, and whiz on your emotions when it comes to this issue.

Seems kinda racist Renocat
Tube, how is this racist?  Cheap, yes.  If there was a herd of fat Norwegians trying to enter illegally, I would have the same reaction especially if they were planning on sucking on Momma Government teats.
My bad, didn’t recognize joey lawrence because it’s been a while
If we could have saved just one of these people that were murdered lives it would be worth it, where is your humanity for Christ’s sake?

Is that Scott Stapp in your avatar?

That’s a stupid question, stupid

I'm not buying it.

Me neither. But it’s true. Very fitting intro to the liberal lunacy they’ll be getting at most law schools.
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