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I am very hopeful about Mak.  He shows enthusiasm on defense enough to warrant hope that other parts improve.  His rebounding has gotten better and that transition drop step dunk could've gone wrong so many ways I can't even describe but he threw it down with authority.
you right, you right.
Because y'all don't care about non-Riley-County issues

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Too many players with hyphenated last names, imho
Also I enjoy laughing at his awful plays
Why isn't this bigger news? People are dead, and it keeps happening. The bomber leaves a package on a doorstep as if it's an Amazon package, the person at home picks it up, and then the bomber detonates the package. Then, last night, he moved onto a tripwire detonation that exploded as two bicyclists rode by. Why isn't this being talked about more?
Mawien is the kind of player who would like never play for huggs for two seasons because of laziness and end up pretty ok. With oscar he'll probably always be lazy.
He's actually a boxer mix. I'll get an updated pic soon.

i'm not a dogologist but i'm almost positive that he's a pit boxer mix and looks like he's going to shred everything in your house
1) Gilgeous-Alexander is Ave 19.4 pts last 9 games. Done that on 59.7 eFG and 52-62 FTs.  This will be who Barry guards.

2) Last 10 games Knox is shooting 31% on 3pt and 47.4 eFG

3) Gabriel has made 17 of Last 28 from 3pt the past 7 games. He's 40% on the year
he had a rough game.  i am still incredibly strong for him.  he's going to be a dominant player for us someday. hopefully he turns it on against kentucky.
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