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Since nothing’s jumping out to you, why not take a flyer on a Tesla?
Defenses have to defend the pass against Ertz but why would you with Delton?

To try to keep him under an 85% completion percentage?

I do not believe he's the guy you want in there if it's 3rd and 5 or more. If he can consistenly create where 3rd and 5+ is minimal then he can be good. I don't believe that's realistic.

3rd and longs are bad for everyone. 3rd and 5? Delton/Barnes option. If the defense puts everyone in the box, he’ll be adequate at chucking it to some open receiver.

I want to die (or have football die) with my EMAW offense looking like Bishop’s and Roberson’s.
Agreed they are very affordable and sensible.  If that's the look you want just get an impala or whatever chevy is making in that line
1. Tax reform, and it’s mainly about corporate taxes to encourage business in America that means jobs and wages for Americans

Yes, I seem to remember KS having incredible success with this

They're not the same, Trey.

Businesses are not obligated to create additional jobs or increase worker salaries just because they have more cash on hand. If recent history is any indicator, it's that that money is more likely to go toward more M&A, higher C-level bonuses, stock buybacks or larger dividends.
Thank you, KSU sports, for giving me my life back!
We caught the light just right in the cathedral room. That is one big cave.

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Were you there this weekend....Saturday? Was there fighting the mass of humanity this weekend.
The New Joe Montgomery Birther Pit / Re: The Trump Presidency
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What’s really sad is these poor staffers probably can’t even put this job in their resumes if they want to get hired other places.
The hilarious thing about many of the SUV’s right now is that they have maybe 2 inches more ground clearance than sedans.  They aren’t “off road vehicles,” and yet they cost like $10K more than a sedan and have a worse ride, a louder cabin, and worse gas mileage.  I just don’t get it.  If I want a truck I am getting a F150 or a Silverado or something.
There isn’t much of anything out there that I like better than my current RL.  I will end up getting SOMETHING, but meh city in the sedan market right now.
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