_FANframes: Arkansas Play Action Pass, Screen Pass, and Goal Line Offense (with video)

The previous _FANframes addressed the Razorback running game, this post will look at some of the passing game Arkansas likes to run off of their run game. In addition it will also look at a couple screens and a diverse package of offense for goal line (inside the 10 yard line) situations. Each video was cut from various highlights from the season, taken from 6 different SEC contests. The breakdown is then simplified with labels to each of the basic schemes being used in each video. The video is also slowed down to hopefully allow the viewer to easier follow the action of the clips.

Arkansas Play Action Passing Game

The Razorbacks do a nice job attacking various areas on the field with their play action passing game. Wilson has a diverse group of targets and Petrino and his staff do a really nice job of spreading the ball around to different receivers.

Boot Pass

The first 3 clips show Arkansas boot passing game which generally comes off of their 2 back running game. They do a good job of getting receivers to multiple levels; in the flat (0-5 yards), intermediate (10-15) and deep (20+).

Vertical/Skinny Post

Arkansas will also use play action to get their talented receivers in one on one situations with defensive backs down the field. Here you see them attacking the deep middle third of the field.

Roll Pass, Tight End Backside

The next clip shows one of the many ways Arkansas tries to get the ball to their very talented tight end. Off play action Wilson executes a half roll to the wide side of the field, then looks back to the tight end leaking to the backside of the play.

FB Sideline

In a 3rd and short situation, Arkansas shows a two back set. However, their TE is lined up at the full back spot and after sending the tight end on the formation down the hash, the FB (TE) leaks out of the backfield and runs vertical down the sideline.

TE Cross

The next clip shows the importance of getting pressure in another 3rd and short situation. After run action Wilson has a ton of time and after a delay, the tight end comes open on the opposite side of the formation.

RB Flat

Likely a situation in which the defense covers the deep throw, here the Razorbacks leak the back after the fake into the flat. He ends up with no one within 10 yards of him when he catches and turns up field for big yardage.

WR Cross

Similar to the throw to the tight end above, Arkansas’ offensive line is able to provide a long protection allowing the wide receiver to cross the field completely for the catch. The safety is way behind on the route and barely makes a touchdown saving tackle.

WR Flag/Corner

The final route takes the inside receiver (after motion) into the gap underneath the deep safety outside the hashes. A late breaking linebacker makes the tackle after a significant gain.

Arkansas Screen Passing Game

Bubble Screen

This series of 3 clips shows another one of the ways Arkansas tries to get the ball to Joe Adams in space.

RB Screen

The final 2 clips show a couple of well executed screens to the back for big plays.

Arkansas Goal Line Offense

Zone Lead (Iso)

The first clip shows the same 2 back lead/iso play (from the running game clips) out of a two back set.

Off Tackle Power

The 2nd clips attacks off tackle from the same formation. Here the play side guard pulls for the kick out block with the fullback leading off tackle.

FB Dive

Again a double tight formation, this time with an immediate give to the full back.


Arkansas also has a Wildcat package using sophomore quarterback Brandon Mitchell and a zone read running scheme. In the first clip he scores on the keep, then the RB scores on the give.

QB Boot

In the next clip Arkansas uses an unconventional unbalanced formation with 8 men on the line of scrimmage, an extra tackle, and 2 tight ends. The boot is to the weak side of the formation with a run/pass option and Wilson scores on the keep behind the pulling backside guard.

QB Boot Pass

Here Arkansas uses a double tight end, double wing (2 FB/TEs lined up just outside the TEs) formation with 1 back in the backfield. No one takes the wing to the play side and again Arkansas finds another way to get the ball to their talented tight end.


In Arkansas’ passing game they often use multi level route combinations to attack various areas of the field outside the hashes (more on that in the next _FANframes). Here the outside receiver runs a fade with the tight end on a quick out. This pulls the coverage up and leaves the receiver one on one and he easily beats the defensive back for the score.

WR Cross

Again Wilson shows patience in the pocket getting the ball off at the last moment. The route brings the receiver all the way across the formation, essentially using the official as a pick to help him get open.

RB Flat/Swing

Here the back leaks out of the backfield on a swing route as the tight end runs a corner route to the back corner of the end zone. This time Wilson chooses the wide open back on the short route and he beats the corner to score.

WR Corner/Fade

The final route is simply a corner/fade route to get the ball to one of the most talented receivers in the country. Jurius Wright easily wins the in the one on one situation.


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