_FANframes: Arkansas Running Schemes (with video)

The Arkansas Razorback offense has plenty of diversity, so in order to a thorough breakdown of what Petrino and his staff like to do I broke things out a bit different than normal. The 3rd best match-up of the bowl season deserves a complete breakdown, and just picking a couple of plays with screen shots really doesn’t do justice to the many facets of running and passing K-State will see January 6th. Therefore, this series of  _FANframes will give you a  look at several aspects of the Arkansas’ run offense, pass offense, and goal line offense. Each video was cut from various highlights from the season, taken from 6 different SEC contests. The breakdown is then simplified with labels to each of the basic schemes being used in each video. The video is also slowed down to hopefully allow the viewer to easier follow the action of the clips.

Arkansas Running Game – 1 Back

The Razorback running game often will feature formations with 1 running back and various combinations of their very talented receivers and tight ends. Often times they will utilize a pistol set, lining the back up behind the quarterback in the shotgun.

Inside Zone

The first set of clips show a basic inside zone scheme, something the Razorbacks like to use a lot. Arkansas’ big, talented backs run downhill behind solid zone blocking from their talented offensive line.

Inside Zone/Trap

The next clip shows a twist on the inside zone concept by pulling a guard around and trapping the inside linebacker. Because the formation spreads the defense, Arkansas is able to “gain a man” between the tackles by pulling the lineman.

Inside Zone/Draw

The next clip shows the inside zone concept, but with a more pronounced draw look. The offensive line gives a pass block look initially, then gets into run fits. Their tackles often use pass block technique to influence edge rushers (in several of the inside zone clips above), but here its more of a true draw look with the guards also giving a pass block look.

Off Tackle Power

Arkansas also likes to utilize some power concepts with their zone blocking. In these clips they pull both guards, getting two big bodies out in space with a vertical cut off tackle from the running back.

Off Tackle Kickout

The next couple of clips show another off tackle power concept, but with a slight difference. Run to the strong (tight end) side of the formation, the tight end and tackle block down and release to the linebacker while the guard (playside) pulls and kicks out the defensive end.

Power Toss

The last clip is a quick toss the tight end side, again pulling the playside guard to get an additional blocker to the edge.

Arkansas Running Game – 2 Back

The Razorbacks also possess some big, bruising full backs and they utilize them well in their two back running game.

Zone Lead (Iso)

The first several clips show Arkansas’ favorite two back running play, using zone blocking schemes up front and leading the fullback, usually isolating him (thus “Iso”) on a linebacker. The big Arkansas fullbacks are great getting run fits, often punishing inside linebackers (see the lost helmet in clip 3).

Off Tackle Zone Lead

The next clips uses the same concept, but instead of running between the tackles, the fullback leads off tackle.

Fullback Trap

The next clip shows a classic fullback trap, pulling the backside guard to trap the linebacker and running the fullback right up the middle.

Off Tackle Power

The final clip borrows from the power concepts (pulling the playside guard) used in some of the 1 back running game. However, this is really a gadget play as well. Arkansas’ lines up their dynamic punt returner and receiver Joe Adams at tailback and he takes it 92 yards for the touchdown.

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